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Flight Timer 3 ASA ASA-TIMER-3 ASA Chronometers
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Flight Timer 3 ASA

Designed by pilots for pilots, the ASA Flight Timer is a one of a kind chronometer that fills a gap in the instruction and pilot aid category. Ergonomically designed and engineered for reliability, ease and convenience, the ASA Flight Timer should be considered essential equipment for all aviators. Includes 2 AAA alkaline batteries.
Compass Victorian CO007 Authentic Models Compasses
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Compass Victorian

Authentic Models
The Brass Victorian Trails Compass with Silver Plated Etched Dial number CO007 by Authentic Models is a part of the Compasses Collection. A needle pointing north. Antique science captured in admiralty brass. Allowing sailors to cross vast oceans, explorers to discover continents. Set sail for the fabled Spice Islands, legendary Cathay... rumored South...
Compass World War II CO014 Authentic Models Compasses Compass World War II CO014 Authentic Models Compasses 2
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Compass World War II

Authentic Models
Replica World War II-era military-style brass compass. This was a necessity for survival, whether setting your course at sea or trying to find your way through a forest. A strong, reliable, trustworthy compass was your friend.
Compass 18th C. CO028 Authentic Models Compasses
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Compass 18th C.

Authentic Models
18th C. Compass-Sundial. Through centuries of technological innovation, we've charted the whole world. But early navigators and explorers setting out didn't necessarily know were they were headed.Guided only by a simple compass, the stars of the night sky, early octants, and astrolabes. Possibly terrifying, but also exciting...Discover early navigation,...
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