Feliz Vuelo: Como Perder el Miedo a Volar 9788408005162 N/A Human Performance and Limitations

Feliz Vuelo: Como Perder el Miedo a Volar


This practical book reveals the method for overcoming the fear of flying. Based on the courses that the company Wolters Kluwer Spain gives to overcome the fear that some people manifest: the fear of flying.

This guide written by an experienced airplane pilot and a psychologist specialized in self-control and relaxation therapies is the ideal one to overcome this problem present in 25% of the population.

Method with 20 years of experience and guaranteed by a 94% of effectiveness.

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With this guide you will discover all the keys to overcome the fear of flying. According to statistics, the airplane is the safest means of transporting passengers and yet the one that causes the most fear: one in four people are afraid of flying, and three out of four feel a tingle in their stomach when they board. However, this problem can be overcome somewhat easily if the right therapy is followed.

This guide is based on the courses, unique in the whole country, that the company Wolters Kluwer España gives to overcome the fear of flying. The results are extraordinary: the success rate is 94%, which shows that the fear of flying can be overcome

The first part of the book is dedicated to aeronautics (understanding of minimum physical laws, safety devices, crew training and qualification, aircraft controls and maintenance, etc.) and the second part to psychological and relaxation techniques.

The book also includes a section with the most frequently asked questions that any fearful of high flying may have.


Author: Javier del Campo Martín and Luisa C. Martín-Cobos

Publisher: Booket, Ed. Planeta.

Language: Spanish

Format: Soft cover

Size: 19 cm. X 12.5 cm.

No. of pages: 207

ISBN: 9788408005162


Table of contents:


Part One: Aeronautics.

Part Two: Psychology

Appendix. ATAVA questionnaire.

Bibliography and web pages.


Biographies of the authors:

Javier del Campo Martín is a graduate of the General Air Academy as an airplane pilot since 1963 and number one in his class. In 1969 he joined the company Iberia as a DC-9 pilot, was promoted to commander in 1977 and in 1996 he moved on to pilot the Airbus A-340. Fleet chief and deputy director of instruction, he has exceeded 15,000 flight hours. He is an expert in the areas of flight operations and trainer of the aeronautical personnel of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Development. Since 1990 he has been an instructor of the seminar "How to lose the fear of flying" and of courses on regulations and air navigation for different institutions and civil aviation authorities at the international level.

Luisa C. Martín-Cobos has a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid, is a consultant in the training of trainers, an instructor of social and occupational orientation courses, a specialist in self-control and relaxation techniques and a psychological advisor for the magazine Saber Vivir. She was assistant director of the Carmen Pardo Valcarce Foundation's Centre for Minors and is currently a psychotherapist and instructor in the seminar "How to lose the fear of the plane" by Wolters Kluwer Spain.


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