Comunicacion y Sistemas de Informacion de las Aeronaves Paraninfo 9788428338721 Paraninfo Home
Comunicacion y Sistemas de Informacion de las Aeronaves Paraninfo 9788428338721 Paraninfo Home

Comunicacion y Sistemas de Informacion de las Aeronaves Paraninfo


This work is the perfect and indispensable documentation for training on communications (ATA23), on passenger cabin (ATA44) and onboard information systems (ATA46). With numerous graphics, diagrams, photographs and examples, which facilitate the learning of the content.

It is a necessary training to be able to access some of the modules required by EASA part 66 to obtain the B1 and B2 licences, as well as Specific Modules of the superior grade Training Cycles of Electronic and Avionic Systems Maintenance in Aircraft and Aeromechanical Maintenance of Aircraft or Helicopters, with Turbine Engine or Piston Engine, of the professional family of Transport and Maintenance of Vehicles.

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In particular, the work covers the indicated knowledge of EASA Part 66 access to modules 11A, 11B, 12 and 13 on "aerodynamics, aircraft structures and systems" for both B1 and B2 licences. It coincides with the programme of the Aerodynamics, Structures and Communication Systems, Passenger Cabin and Aircraft Information module of the Higher Grade Training Cycle in Electronic and Avionic Systems Maintenance, and also develops the above-mentioned programme of avionics modules for the four upper cycles in aeromechanical maintenance.

The book is divided into three independent blocks. The first deals with generic communication systems; the second deals with aircraft-specific communication systems, both external and internal; the third describes the development of on-board information systems.

At the beginning of the work (Chapter 1), the different types of analogue modulation, as well as elementary receivers and transmitters, are discussed. The application of multiple communication systems is made, in addition to a description of the radiant elements (antennas) and their use in aeronautics, and concludes with a series of problems and their solutions, for each section. It is also seen how, in aircraft, communication systems are classified into: external for radio transmission (Chapter 2) and internal for intercom and passenger entertainment (Chapter 3). The last chapter deals with in-vehicle information systems (Chapter 4). The book concludes with a series of interesting annexes that provide information related to in-vehicle communications and information.

The author has a doctorate in Computer Engineering and Automation, a degree in Physical Sciences in Industrial Electronics and an aeronautical technical engineer in Navigation and Air Circulation. He is also a professor in Avionics Maintenance and Aeromechanical Maintenance, with teaching experience and experience in the aeronautical sector of more than 25 years.



Author: Javier Joglar Alcubilla

Publisher: Paraninfo

Language: Spanish

Format: Soft Tapas

Size: 24 cm. X 17 cm.

No. of pages: 212

ISBN: 9788428338721


Table of contents:








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