Crickets Against Rats Vol. I Home  BuckerBook €13.56 KAGERO Publishing
Crickets Against Rats Vol. I Home  BuckerBook €13.56 KAGERO Publishing

Crickets Against Rats Vol. I




The books focuses on the Italian Regia Aeronautica activity during the Spanish Civil War. In 1936 Mutinous Spanish generals asked Benito Mussolini form help. Italian support was not granted immediatley, but eventually 12 bombers SM.81 departured to the Moroccan Nador airport. They were the first of 764 Italian planes sent to help the nationalists. The book follows day to day air struggles and the rapid development of the Italian Air Force in Spain. The First volume descibes fights since July 1937, including such actions as air raids on Madrid the Battle of the Jarama River, Malaga and Guadalajara. The Book also presents Regia Aeronautica involvement in operations carried out from this island.

Author Marek Sobski
Publisher KAGERO Publishing
Language English
format Soft cover
Size 27,5 cm X 20,5 cm
Nº of Pages 77
ISBN 9788364596162

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