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Vuelo Seguro


Treaty in which the bases of practical and theoretical knowledge of the acrobatic figures are made known, so that the pilot achieves security in the execution of the same and precision in their execution. 

The book "Vuelo Seguro" is written by D. Ramón Alonso Pardo, acrobatic flight world champion.

It is a simple book to read where you learn how to recover a loss or a spiral, among many other things, as well as other situations that can occur in any routine flight. Intended for all those who begin in the wonderful world of Acrobatics.


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This treaty offers all the information necessary to achieve safe learning in the performance of aerial acrobatics. Multiple manoeuvres are explained in a simple way, and through diagrams and diagrams, which are the basis of a reliable and safe knowledge in this field.

For all those fans of aerial acrobatics, it is essential to perform each manoeuvre as perfectly as possible and with maximum safety. For this it is necessary that the performance of the acrobatic exercise is very precise.

Accuracy, coordination, and synchronization are necessary for the perfect performance of these acrobatic maneuvers. However, in order to achieve these objectives, a previous study, in-depth preparation and adequate training are necessary.

This book aims to provide security in the performance of the acrobatic maneuver and precision in its execution.

Its renowned author, Ramón Alonso Pardo, has more than 19,000 flight hours flown in 52 different types of aircraft. Of these, more than 3,000 are acrobatic. He holds two Crosses to the Aeronautical Merit as well as multiple titles, recognitions, classifications and medals that support the prestigious career of this World Champion Acrobatic Flight.



Author: Ramón Alonso Pardo

Publisher: Bucker Book, S.L.

Language: Spanish

Format: Soft Tapas

Size: 24 cm. X 16.8 cm.

No. of pages: 151

ISBN: 9788461638000





Basic Aerodynamics

Pressure distribution

Current detachment, loss of sustentation

Types of loss

Rate of loss

Speed of loss of manoeuvre

Ways to vary the angle of attack on an aircraft

Lever position and lever forces

The loss

The Spiral



Accelerations and tube vision

Accommodation flights

Use of the equipment

Flight Procedures



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