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Aircraft Systems for Pilots


Previously published by Jeppesen, Aircraft Systems for Pilots is a single-source manual of what pilots should know about basic aircraft systems.

The study of each type of system allows the professional pilot to stay abreast of the critical learning that must occur upon advancement into the management of more complex aircraft.

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It includes a study of the fundamentals of physical matter (from which airplanes are made) and mechanics (how airplane parts act and react). 

Subjects covered include physics, aircraft engine types and construction, reciprocating engine theory, engine lubrication and cooling, propellers and governors, fuels and fuel systems...

In print for more than 30 years and continually updated, this Fourth Edition continues to serve as the comprehensive college textbook for pilots learning aircraft systems.

Author: Dale de Remer

ISBN: 978-1-61954-627

Edition: Fourth

Pages: 484


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