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Black Compression Socks Pilot Uniform Socks 4218714867987 BuckerBook €20.62
Black Compression Socks Pilot Uniform Socks 4218714867987 BuckerBook €20.62

Black Compression Socks


Feel the incredible comfort of INDESmed compression stockings, made of natural bamboo fabric. You will be able to wear your stockings all day long, without marks, without discomfort, enjoying all their properties without noticing that you are wearing them. They are extra-comfortable and also prevent varicose veins before they appear on your legs. Their character is therefore preventive.

With a certified compression of 25mmHg (100% compression) in the ankle area, 17.5mmHg (70% compression) in the calf, and 12.5mmHg (50% compression) in the upper part next to the popliteal fossa (*), it will improve the blood return and oxygenation of your legs.

As rest stockings, the extraordinary hygroscopic properties of natural bamboo combined with an adequate gradual compression confer an incredible restorative and antioxidant power. Increased cellular oxygenation along with improved circulation increases collagen levels and eliminates toxin build-up from the different layers of the skin, keeping your legs smoother, recovering their smoothness and luminosity.

(*) Compression levels for an average calf perimeter of 37 cm. May vary ±2.5mmHg for calf perimeters between 32 cm and 42 cm.

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  • Tired legs.
  • Elimination and prevention of reticular veins.
  • Treatment of varicose veins, type I and II.
  • General rejuvenation of the legs.
  • Prevention of premature cellular aging of the different skin layers.
  • Recovery of the brightness and smoothness of the legs.
  • Treatment of skin problems related to venous disorders, such as eczema or dermatitis, especially around the ankle.
  • Use of compression stockings for sensitive and irritable skin.


Avoid the appearance of varicose veins and swollen ankles due to situations that require standing for long periods of time. Besides preventing the appearance of varicose veins, they brighten and rejuvenate your legs. Is it possible? is it possible? The answer is YES!

INDESmed compression stockings for varicose veins successfully prevent varicose veins related to situations that require prolonged standing and are indicated for the treatment of:

  • Stage I varicose veins, telangiectasia, or reticular veins.
  • Stage II varicose veins, varicose veins without symptoms or moderate symptoms.

Only proper gradual compression can improve blood flow and muscle oxygenation, pushing venous blood from your lower legs towards your heart.

(*) Always follow your doctor's instructions.


BambooSmarTec® fabric is made of 50% bamboo fiber of organic origin, obtained by mechanical methods and natural enzymes (pectinase and cellulase), 10% polyamide, 20% organic cotton and 20% elastane. It has been specially designed to achieve an excellent moisture absorption and evaporation capacity while increasing oxygenation and blood return.

BAMBOO SmarTec® fabric is extremely comfortable, strong, and durable, much softer than cotton, with a silk-like feel.


Bamboo's natural properties will keep your feet cooler; its excellent hygroscopicity will evaporate sweat quickly, keeping your skin dry.

INDESmed compression socks are made with natural bamboo fiber of 100% organic origin and are useful in the treatment of some skin problems related to venous disorders, such as eczema or dermatitis, especially around the ankle.


One of the important features of our bamboo and cotton fiber compression socks for the hot holiday season is their ability to keep your feet cool.

The natural weave of our compression socks or stockings ensures that there is a proper circulation and cooling by transforming the warm outside air in the summer from the skin of the feet and legs to the outside, which by the hygroscopic characteristic of bamboo (expelling moisture to the outside) is favored. In this way, an efficient balance of perspiration from the skin of the feet and legs to the outside is achieved, paralyzing the circulation of outside air to the skin that is already dry, achieving a pleasant sensation of freshness.

With this process of internal circulation of moisture to the outside, a pleasant freshness is achieved in the feet (avoiding its "encapsulation"), even with high outside temperatures, since the heat impacts against the already dry skin inside our socks that are emitting the moisture from sweating to the outside.


Simply choose your bamboo compression socks according to your shoe size. Don't worry about your calf circumference, compression levels are calculated for an average calf circumference within each size, a small variation of ±2.5mmHg may occur.



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