Principles of Helicopter Flight Helicopters  BuckerBook €23.99 ASA
Principles of Helicopter Flight Helicopters  BuckerBook €23.99 ASA

Principles of Helicopter Flight


Knowledge is power and comes contained in the pages of HELICOPTER PRINCIPLES OF FLIGHT.

This indispensable book is based on the absolute science and experience of an expert helicopter pilot, Phil Croucher, for a safer and smarter helicopter flying experience.

There are numerous helicopter flight scenarios in which making seemingly logical and corrective decisions will only make things worse, a deep and practical knowledge is needed to ensure the quality and safety of helicopter flight.

As the author says: "Put the laws of motion on your side for safer helicopter flight!

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The helicopter, a unique flying machine that uses two opposing forces to stay airborne, is distinctly different and sometimes more temperamental to fly- than a fixed-wing aircraft. While the differences may seem obvious at first, there are numerous helicopter-flight scenarios where taking the seemingly logical course of corrective action will only make things worse. Knowledge is power. Arm yourself with the power of knowledge contained in the pages of HELICOPTER PRINCIPLES OF FLIGHT- all based on absolute science and expert helicopter-pilot experience- for your own safer, smarter helicopter flying experience.


Waiting for you inside:

-Newton´s Laws of Motions and their relevancy to helicopter flight

-How airflow dictates the function and design of aerofoils, rotor blades and flight controls

-All the lift and drag “forces in flight” you´ll encounter while flying and how respond safely

-Types of stability, ground effect, translational lift, tail rotor drift and correcting them effectively

-A study of demanding scenarios, such as auto-rotations, vortex ring and dynamic rollover

-How types of power and aircraft and load weight and balance effect all of the above- and more!



Author: Phil Croucher


Language: English

Format: Soft Covers

Size: 27.7 cm. X 21.6 cm.

No. of pages: 202

ISBN: 9780978026967


The author of this manual, Phil Croucher, is Head of Training and Chief Ground Instructor for Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training, the only school approved for the full range of JAA/EASA helicopter modular distance learning courses.

He holds JAA, UK, UAE and Canadian professional licences for aeroplanes and helicopters and over 8600 hours on 37 types, with a considerable operational background, and training experience from the computer industry, in which he is equally well qualified.

Phil has, at various times, been a Chief pilot, Ops Manager, Training Captain and Type Rating Examiner for several companies, including a CRM Ground Instructor. His flight experience includes VIP/ Corporate, airline/scheduled, police, EMS/ambulance, high/low photo, longlining, mountain flying, seeding, powerline and gas pipeline survey, and offshore.



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